Features of Javascript cloud logger

Centralized log management for your Web- and Hybrid- applications. Collect all errors, messages and events of your application in the cloud.

Easy opt-in and opt-out

No vendor lock for your code. Replace standard browser's Javascript console to cloud-powered in a minute.

Cordova / Phonegap support

Works good in offline mode - best fits for Cordova (Phonegap) applications. It will collect messages locally and then send them to the cloud when network will be available.

High performance

Optimized for sending a big amount of messages in a Batch mode. Cloud logging will not hurt responsibility of your app. Messages are collected in batches and asynchronously sent to the cloud.


Supports logging of large JSON objects. Objects can be easily inspected, like in a browser's console.

Full-text search

Search through logs including object properties and values.

Team collaboration

Share your logs with team members or whole world with access control list.